Preliminary Results

{name (First):35.3},

Thank you for your interest in our Disability Benefits program. You did not immediately meet the pre-qualification criteria for a free SSD consultation. However, don’t give up hope just yet. During a more detailed analysis, there may still be hope. Newlin Disability Advocates is committed to helping you find help. For those who came close to qualifying, one of our SSD specialists may reach out for further investigation.

We’ll do our best to assign one such specialist to you to ensure that you get the attention and care you deserve. Please rest assured that your potential eligibility for benefits is still under consideration, and we do our best to assign you to a Specialist as soon as possible. 


  • Please keep an eye out for our call. (We’ll be calling from an 812 or 930 area code)
  • Live Chat may be available. Let them know you took the assessment already.
  • In the meantime, please review lease review them to ensure you responded accurately:
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Applicant info will not be shared with third parties. Please review that your information is accurate:

Applicant Information:

  • Name: {Name (Last):35.6}, {Name (First):35.3}
  • Phone: {phone:63}
  • Email: {Email:23}
  • State of Residence: {state:24}
  • Age: {age:71}

Review Your Responses:

“I am currently unable to work full-time.”

Your response: {I am currently unable to work full-time.:27}

“I expect to be out of work for a year.”

Your response: {I expect to be out of work for a year.:1}

“I have worked 5 of the last 10 years.”

Your response: {I have worked 5 out of the last 10 years.:5}

“I am currently receiving Social Security Benefits.”

Your response: {I am currently receiving Social Security Benefits.:3}

(Tip: Your claim may be helped if you are seeing a medical doctor for your ailment.)

You can also contact the following resource for assistance:

Visit or call 845-682-1881 for further assistance.

To learn more about the the SSA claim review process, you can visit this free SSDI resource to learn more.